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Pietrucha Law Firm, LLC is an Illinois law firm and a limited liability company registered with the Illinois Supreme Court. As legal advisors, we help clients fix workplace problems. We work with employees and employers faced with job disagreements who are struggling with workplace drama and seek a resolution, working with clients across the entire state. We have a strong reputation for quality services and affordable fees and primarily help individuals located in DuPage, Will, Kane, DeKalb, Cook and Champaign County.

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About Illinois Employment Laws

Illinois is an “at will” state, which means an Illinois employer can fire an employee for any reason, at any time. This is powerful as it means many bad actions by your boss, supervisor or human resources are not necessarily illegal. In other words you must experience an illegal adverse action to take action. While every case is different, you may be surprised to find out it’s perfectly legal for the following to occur in an Illinois workplace:

  • Sudden job termination with no advance warning or real explanation
  • Ostracism by your co-workers
  • Personality conflicts
  • A mediocre performance evaluation, not made available to other employers
  • A job transfer or demotion after 10+ years of employment
  • Refusing to keep your job open after more than 6 months of leave
  • Denial of unemployment benefits for alleged “misconduct”

However, local, state and federal laws protect Illinois employees from illegal actions such as:

  • Workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Retaliation for alleging illegal workplace actions
  • Refusal to accommodate pregnancy, breastfeeding and sick child rights
  • Medical leave violations
  • Unpaid wages, commission and bonuses
  • Denial of unemployment benefits when an employer cannot prove “misconduct”

Our Experience – Over 45 Years of Combined Legal Knowledge

Our law firm helps with a wide variety of employment disputes both informally and formally via severance review, settlement negotiations, mediation, filing of claims, hearing representation and lawsuits. Contact us to see how we can help with your employment dispute. We commonly assist employees and employers with severance agreements, medical leave disputes, professional licensing, unemployment benefits, executive co-investment opportunities, talent agency contracts, employee misconduct and internal investigations and disability discrimination.

Recent Firm Accomplishments – Employment Law:

  • Mediated a workplace injury and disability discrimination dispute on behalf of a chemical safety inspector
  • Successfully negotiated backpay and job reinstatement for a suburban forklift driver fired for taking time off from work to visit his minor son in the hospital
  • Advised a marketing executive on a co-investment opportunity offered by a private equity team
  • Successfully negotiated an exit strategy for a media professional experiencing inappropriate sexual advances by a colleague
  • Won an unemployment appeals hearing for a suburban bank manager accused of misconduct

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